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Federal Way, WA
Beyond Just Functionality

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When you think about it, our bathrooms can be much more than a place of functionality. They can often be a space of serenity in your home.

Your Space.

A space of relaxing, preparation,
and quiet accomplishments.

Your bathroom is more than just a sink, toilet, and tub. Your bathroom is where you prepare for the day each morning. It is where you unwind for bed each night. It is your space for preparing, pampering, reflecting, and relaxing.

Does your bathroom meet your needs? Or are you dealing with stock fixtures and an inefficient layout?

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Explore the latest trends and technologies
to discover how you can enhance your
residential or commercial bathroom experiences

Bathrooms have come a long way since the days of one size fits all sinks, countertops, and toilets. Bathrooms are becoming the centerpiece of Federal Way homes – a statement of style and prosperity. Modern bathrooms magically make the most of small spaces. And the amount of innovation and technology incorporated into bathroom designs these days is mind-blowing!

You deserve a bathroom that you love. One that energizes you each morning and rejuvenates you each night.

Whatever your reason is for
remodeling your bathroom,

Jorgensen is
here to help!

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Bathroom Remodels Increase the Value of Your Home in Federal Way

Bathroom remodeling can complement the rest of your home in a number of ways.

A bath remodel enhances the functionality and aesthetic of this essential space. You can upgrade technology, fixtures, and wall coverings. You can add storage and counter-space. Imagine luxuries like a beautiful, custom walk-in shower or walk-in tub, a new toilet, floor-to-ceiling designer tile, or whatever else is on the top of your wish-list.

No matter where you reside in Federal Way, from Wild Wave Park to Powells Wood Garden, we've got you covered!

Jorgensen’s experts are experienced, versatile, and budget-savvy, so they can guide you along every step of your journey while keeping cost and stress to a minimum.

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Our expert design team has experience with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes rearranging the way a current space is laid out provides for better usage with an additional shower or tub. Small spaces get a big boost with our smart design solutions, while reative storage can clear up clutter and free up usable counter space. Even something as simple as switching out the vanity or upgrading the light fixtures can create an entirely new feel for your bathroom!

The remodeling ideas for the master bathroom are plentiful: a double vanity, a new bathtub, luxury shower heads, makeup lighting, extra storage space, and more. Keep in mind that a high-quality bathroom remodel increases the value of your home, so it pays to keep things up to date and looking current in the Federal Way market.

Some things to consider when remodeling your bathroom are:
  • the way you would like to live in that space.
  • how much money you feel good about spending?
  • how long will this project take? (you’ll need to be prepared to be without full access to your bathroom at times)
  • is this a DIY adventure or do you feel most comfortable with trusted professionals on the job?

The Remodeling Process

At Jorgensen, we take the time to discover
what you are trying to accomplish in your bathroom.

You’ve decided to renovate your bathroom, but where do you even begin? From the toilet and sink to the tile and lights, it can be overwhelming. But the interior design experts at Jorgensen will bring you peace of mind.

The best way to begin is by imagining how you want to live in your newly remodeled bathroom space. This helps shape your goals and estimate your expenses for the project. It guides your decision-making, helping to pursue designs that are both fresh and familiar while sticking to your vision.

Ready to stop dreaming and start designing? Schedule a design consultation and lay out your vision. Our bathroom remodeling experts have the experience, product knowledge, and exciting ideas to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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Why Choose Jorgensen

Why should you choose Jorgensen over other bathroom remodeling companies? We are the leaders in home remodels. We have years of experience, the best quality materials, and outstanding customer service. We get the job done efficiently and no detail gets overlooked— all while working with your budget.

We handle all bathroom remodeling projects with ease. Whether you’re looking to completely redo your master bath, or simply need a minor update, the home renovation team at Jorgensen comes highly recommended.

We make the remodeling process simple, and our consultants take the time to understand your vision, so reach out to schedule your design consultation today!

The Right
Remodeling Budget for Federal Way, Washington.

Keep in mind that a luxurious and complete bathroom renovation can be achieved with any budget!

It’s important to feel good about the money you’re spending, so we keep your project within the budget you feel best about. Since we’re general contractors, our team is happy to discuss any design and remodel possibilities with you, as well as financing options.

With options for any budget, there’s no need to wait: get a free consultation from our kitchen and bath remodel experts by clicking below and filling out our online form!

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Bathroom remodels

can take different amounts of time depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as when your home was built. You’ll need to be prepared to be without full access to your bathroom at times. We suggest you take this into consideration so you can plan accordingly.

During a remodel,

you will experience times when a specific part of your bathroom may not be fully accessible. It can be helpful to plan for a remodel during a time of year that you feel is the least inconvenient to you and your family.

Do-It-Yourself Remodel?

Is this an adventure you want to take on yourself?

If so, that’s amazing and we believe you can do it! You’re creative and talented and skilled to see the project through completion.

If you decide to enjoy our professional team of bathroom remodeling contractors, we’re more than happy to help you from start to finish.