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Kitchens are often said to be the heart of the home. They are a place of gathering, entertaining guests, laughter, sharing, and discovery. They are overflowing with delicious food, loved ones, and memories in the making. Kitchens are easily the most often remodeled room in our Chehalis homes.

Your Space.

Sometimes the only thing between you and your dream home is having that dream kitchen. Maybe additional space is needed for changing family size, or you’re ready for something new as styles change through the years, or possibly your creativity needs an outlet where it can be best enjoyed by the people you care about most!

From Penny Playground to the Chahalis-Centralia Railroad & Museum, we've got the residents of Chehalis covered.

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Whether its a complete kitchen remodel, or simple improvements like cabinet lighting and quartz countertops, our expert home remodelers are here to help.

Whatever kitchen remodeling services you require, Jorgensen is your one stop shop!

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Kitchen Remodel Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Kitchen remodeling can brighten up your home in a number of ways. Get A Quote
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It can help enhance the functionality by adding storage and more usable counter space. You can also upgrade appliances, fixtures, lighting, counter tops, new or refurbished cabinets and decor.

With all the new trends in Chehalis, Washington there are so many ways to improve your kitchen design. Maybe you are considering changing the countertop material or adding open shelving? Maybe you are looking at an upgrade to custom designed kitchen cabinets or want to keep things to a minor remodel and add energy efficient appliances? We are here to help you achieve the perfect kitchen remodel.

Sometimes rearranging the way a current space is laid out provides for better gathering areas to accommodate more people or food preparation. Kitchen remodels also increase the value of your home and bring a good return on investment.

What to Consider

When Remodeling Your Chehalis Kitchen.

Some things to consider when remodeling your kitchen are:
  • the way you would like to live in that space.
  • how much money you feel good about spending?
  • how long will this project take? (you’ll need to be prepared to be without full access to your kitchen at times)
  • is this a DIY adventure or do you feel most comfortable with trusted professionals on the job?
  • Do you want to use existing plumbing or just change the feel with task lighting?
At Jorgensen, we take the time to discover
what you are trying to accomplish in your kitchen.

Having a good idea of how you want to live in your kitchen space once it is remodeled is a great beginning to any remodeling project. This helps shape your kitchen remodeling project goals and purchases and helps guide your decision-making to pursue designs that are both fresh and familiar that stick to your mission.

Our home renovation team comes highly recommended, and will gladly work with homeowners and interior design experts alike.

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The Right
Remodeling Budget in Chehalis.

The kitchen ideas are endless
and the only constraint is your imagination
and the kitchen remodel cost.

Keep in mind that a luxurious and exciting kitchen renovation can be achieved with almost any budget! It’s important to feel good about the money you are spending and keep your project within the budget you feel best about. Our customer service team at Jorgensen is happy to discuss all design and remodel options with you as well as available financing.

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Kitchen remodels

can take different amounts of time depending on the size and complexity of your project. We suggest you take some time to think through your calendar and other activities that may be going on.

During a remodel,

you will experience times when a specific part of your kitchen may not be fully accessible. Imagine if you were waiting on custom cabinetry or a cabinet refurbishing? It can be helpful to plan for a remodel during a time of year that you feel is the least inconvenient to you and your family.

Do-It-Yourself Remodel?

Is this an adventure you want to take on yourself?

If so, that’s amazing and we believe you can do it! You’re creative and talented and skilled to see this home improvement through to completion. If you decide to enjoy the quality work of our full-service remodeling contractors, we’re more than happy to help you from start to finish.